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I had a surgical abortion 6 days ago and have barely been bleeding.  I have spotted a little bit but even on the day of the procedure there was barely anything there, and its been dark brown sometimes with little black specks =S . I was just wondering if this was normal. I was told I should be bleeding quite a bit since I was 8 weeks pregnant.  I also havent been getting any major cramping or anything but my breasts are still really sore and ive been really tired throughout the day.  Can someone tell me if this is normal or if I should go for a follow up appointment soon.


Hi LaBella,

Actually it sounds fairly normal for a surgical abortion.  There is usually much more bleeding with a medical abortion since the tissues are being expelled.  In a surgical abortion, the tissues have been removed already.

Just go slow, don't lift anything heavy.  You may notice light bleeding for about two weeks or so.  It's normal.

If you do have any heavy, bright red bleeding, then see your doctor.

Hope it helps.