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I had a surgical abortion under local anesthetisec four weeks ago, the experience was pleasant considering the circumstances and the staff made every effort to be caring kind and funny. After the abortion I didn't really bleed it wasn't until 5 days later that I started to bleed (kind of like a period but a little darker with clots) bleeeding stopped after about 7 days like they suggeted. At time of my abortion I had the implant fitted and she said it would mess around with my periods for the first few months, most of my friends said theirs stopped straight away. Now four weeks on I have started bleeding again and pretty heavy (in comparison to how much i have bled before) there are also clots every now and then when I go to the toilet. I'm not sure whether this is my period or post abortion bleeding? Should I ask for advice or is this pretty normal.


i think u can have a termiation up to 23 weeks i think ot sure