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Hi! I have DM2 for 14 years now, I’m 67 years old and obese. Besides diabetes I have also hypercholesterolemia and hypertension . My GP says that if I would manage to lose some weight all these three problems would get better. So I guess I should think “OK I’m going to lose weight and get better!” but most of you know that losing weight can be the most difficult thing in one’s life. I’ve tried EVERYTHING in terms of diet, including  pills…and also some crazy stuff…Nothing works. At the end even if I lose weight I finished up with more weight than before. But there’s something I didn’t try and that is Victoza. I’m in doubt if I want to take injections to lose weight! I would like to have more information about it!



Victoza is the drug liraglutide. Apart from the effect of improving bg control it can decrease a patient’s appetite and thus it will help the patient to lose weight. The FDA did not yet approve liraglutide (Victoza) for obesity treatment, but it has been approved for DM. Some patients with diabetes take it and together with a  reduced calorie diet and increased physical activity they are pretty successful in losing weight. There are still some discussions though about the risk of thyroid cancer when using Victoza. At the moment there are not enough studies to confirm the safety of the medication regarding thyroid cancer risks. If you decide to take it I advise you to take a good read at the leaflet from the drug especially regarding side effects and counter-indications. What I’ll say now is my personal opinion: I believe more in long- term multidisciplinary interventions for obesity, I mean support groups, nutritionist, physical activity and psychological help, than in a medicine which maybe give short term results but which include taking risks – especially if such medicine  doesn’t avoid that you may return  to your previous weight when you stop taking it.