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Hello all,

A little background: i've been bulimic, anorexic or both, for most of my adult life.  Also haven't had any periods for over a decade.  I was always told i have good eyesight (though i wonder if that's just cos i've got a good sense of context!) but it's noticeably dreadful now.

My question is, has my history of eating disorders been the main reason for my eyesight - and, though not relevant to this part of the forum, is that why i have tinnitus now?  Perhaps from the pressure exerted on my body when i vomit?



Don't know about the pressure issue, but deterioration of vision is an early symptom of malnutrition...

Vitamin A deficiency is the biggest cause of preventable blindness in the developing world.

Vitamin A is an easy supplement to overdose on and very toxic in large amounts, so take it easy if you are going to simply take a vitamin A pill.  

Beta Carotene is a safer precursor to vitamin A (your body converts it to vitamin A). 

If you can't control your bulimia, you should be taking a multi-vitamin (as well as electrolytes).  

If you don't do pills/vitamins, a can of V8 vegetable cocktail will give you beta carotene and electrolytes, (but you've got to keep it down!)

Good Luck and GodSpeed to you.