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A few days back(approx 4 days), me and my girl were just playing around(not sex) and i ejaculated on her. Then i wiped the semen off from her body with a handkerchief and i fingered her after 5-10 mins. There is a possibility that when i ejaculated or when i wiped the semen off from her body, a VERY SMALL amount of semen might have gotten onto my fingers. Her cramps had started shortly before this and it went on for two days after this and then it stopped/reduced and usually she gets her period 2-3days after her cramps but she hasnt gotten it yet(it has been 3 days since she last felt pain in her stomach/cramp).is that normal?

could that little amount of sperm get her pregnant(which was very small and must be in contact with air for like 5 mins).?


Your girlfriend is not pregnant, at least from you fingering with a 'bit' of possible sperm residue left on your finger.  Females can struggle for years to get pregnant (like me) and it usually takes ejaculating into the vagina and then you need the perfect conditions inside the cervix to get pregnant.  So no, she is just experiencing a delay of period which is common among the female variety.  Use common sense and get protection if you don't want to conceive.