I have been  told I have inherited this disease from My mothers side of the family. So far The Drs have found a tumor on the head of the pancreas, 3 tumors on the right kidney, 2 on the left kidney. and1 tumor on my ovarie. I think, I have 1 in the Inner Ear also. From the tumors I have mentioned, Turned out no cancer. the 1 in the inner ear is giving more problems then the other tumors, I have a buzzing and ringing in the left ear, get dizzy sometimes and sick.This disease is rare, they tell me.  It is just tumors form, in different organs, I have mentioned,  also they can occur in the brain, the spine. inbehind your eyes,      The other tumors, Pancreas, I have experience diearra,  Kidney tumors, no  signs.  After they found the 1 on the pancreas, they started doing tests, ct scan , blood tests, scope down my throat.  I go Wed.4-30-2014 for another scope. Then after that I thinking surgery, I have good Drs In St. Louis, Mo.  If anyone thinks they might have this disease. Von Hippel Lindau.. I would get checked out.  Thank- You for Reading...... Have a good day.