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okay so, me and my boyfriend of 1 year started using a new lubricant on New Years and have used it 1-2 times since then. We do have unprotected sex because I'm on birth control and we've both been tested. Recently my vagina, towards my anus, has been swollen and this has happened before from not using enough lubrication. Anyway, so I thought it would just go away but it hasn't. It's gotten worse and now there little red bumps. I thought I had a yeast infection about a week before this. Could it just been a bad yeast infection?


Hi Hvn,

It could be a reaction to the new lubricant, an allergy.

See your doctor to find out.  It is likely NOT an STD but you don't want to deal with an allergy either.

Usually a yeast infection presents with discharge and you aren't indicating any.

Good luck.