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Hi everyone.

I am 19 year old and i've been smoking weed for the past 2-3 years everyday. After realizing that i built my whole identity around weed ( everything that i did, i did not do without hitting the bong first ) i decided that it was time to take a whole new step forward in my life.

I am currently on my 6th day off weed. The first few days were hell. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. My heartbeat was racing and i was having a lot of trouble getting through my day without dark thoughts of either suicide or death. I didn't want to kill myself, i just had those thoughts. 

I started to be tired again and last night was my first full night of sleep. I'm also starting to get my appetite back.

Only little problem that bothers me is my heart rate. Its irregular and sometimes it can go around 100bpm for no reason. I read a lot about this and it is said to be normal. It is associated with the anxiety that comes from stopping weed.

Does anyone know how much time it'll take for my heartbeats to return to normal without any irregularities? 


And to all of those who are stopping weed, you are doing the best thing you could do, for yourself, your friends, and your family. Believe me. Stay strong and don't ever forget that the hell that you will go through will be so rewarding at the end that it's worth going through.


Weed withdrawals generally last for about a month. Anxiety is probably the reason you're worrying about your heartbeat and I went through that too. It's been 3 months since I quit and I still worry about my heartbeat sometimes but once I distract myself the thoughts and anxiety subside. I would start taking vitamins like Stress B Complex vitamin from Nature Made, it really helps with my anxiety if I take every couple days.Hope this helps!