So on sunday 10/19/14 I smoked 1 bowl of weed out of a socket. ( craftsman 3/8 ) I also used a pen and and water bottle to make a bong out of it. So I smoked that and was feeling really high. I slept for about 30min then just went along with the day feeling high. It started to fade as normal before the time I went to bed. Then suddenly as I was about to go to bed I started to feel sick and get Anxiety. I've never felt anxiety before this. Now 6 days later on Saturday 10/25/14 I feel Kind of dizzy/fuzzy, Anxiety when I'm alone, thoughts I'll never feel normal again, trouble focusing, Little bit of short term memory problems. I told my parents and some family. They think it was laced but I don't really know. I'm scheduled to go to a doctor and talk about it on monday. Has anyone else had this though and know what it is and if it will go away? I'm also 15, 127 LBS, and 5'7"