Hello all,

After much searching on the internet, it's been a great relief to find this site where so many other people are going through similar problems and symptoms from giving up smoking weed.
A little about me. I'm 34, from England, and have been smoking heavily since the age of 21. I started off with hash, before smoking some of the strongest skunk, solidly every day since the age of 26. I always said that I'd quit before the age of 35, because I knew that deep down my life and motivation could have been a lot better without it. I have just completed a whole month without it, and which I'm dead proud, because I never thought that I would be able to do it once my 'deadline' approached.
I did go through the symptoms of having a bad stomach, and having the sh*ts all for the first few days, along with waking up covered in sweat and remembering the most vivid dreams for the first time in almost 14 years. I used to be a right pot-head, who loved staying at home watching television and films and playing music. Since I've stopped, I've cut down on these activities because I feel that they don't feel the same without a big fat joint in my hand. But also it's maybe down to the fact that I don't want to be a couch potato all the time. I've started reading a lot more though, and it's good that I can actually remember what I've red, without constantly re-flicking through previous pages, thinking 'who said that?' and 'what are they going on about?.
The only thing is, that I packed in because a new relationship had just gone wrong, and I needed to keep my head straight. Since I've given up I've hardly even thought about smoking weed, yet I'm obsessively thinking about my ex-girlfriend. As anyone else gone through similar experiences? Have I replaced my obsessional thinking about the need to get high, with obsessional thoughts about this girl?
It's driving me crazy, and to be honest, I would rather be thinking about weed all the time, than some stupid relationship that seems to be ripping my heart to pieces.
I am now living with 2 people who have never really been big smokers, so I feel quite alone about discussing what I'm going through. But my mood swings are fluctuating greatly from feeling alright one minute, to severe bouts of depression where I can't see any good times ahead, to intense thoughts of suicide the next.
I have started reading books like The Power of Now which talks about present moment awareness, and things on meditation and buddhism to keep me occupied and to give me more insights on how the mind works and the whole thought process. But nothing seems to be helping shift these constant thoughts about this girl. I know that you have to go through that grieving / heartbroken stage - but the length of time that this is taking is getting ridiculous. I'd rather be having thoughts about a joint - (who accompanied me through my life for the last 14 years) than thoughts about a girl who I only knew for little over a month.
Anyone got any suggestions?
They would be much appreciated!
Marty G