2 months ago we were having weed session at a friends crib , never smoked weed that much just 5 6 times in 6 months maybe but i have been smoking hash for the past two year . Long story short i got passed a vaporizer of weed oil with approximately 90% thc and i only had a single puff , suddenly i started to zone out and rosting some friends, after 15 20 min i started to feel that I'm talking a bit to much as there where to many people and thought that they dhwhere looking at me and telling others that I'm too high . And suddenly out of no where i got paniced, i never felt i was dying or something like others do i ,but i felt that this thing has triggered something in my mind like (schizophrenia or psychosis) which actually happened to a friend of mine few weeks back but not due to weed . It was the worst feeling ever . We left the place after an hour i acted very calm and all but my mind was running thoughts at about 100000 miles/sec . We went to a friends place orded some some food and I eventually left for a family gathering. I was still very high and was having a nonsense conversation with every body . It was 4 5 hours by then. and then left for another friends house i started to chill a bit but was very sensitive to sounds and visuals .played ps for some time , told my friend I'm having a bad trip but he said you'll be fine by tomorrow. After 12 hours of that puff I finally went home and slept . 

The next day i woke up i was having a bad anxiety and bad thoughts , the first month was so bad that couldn't sleep alone at night and waking up between sweating and trembling. A month went one i started to take vitamins magnesium and fish oil and i felt very relieved for the next three weeks but now after three weeks it hit me again with more intesity .  I cannot sleep at nights ,avoid going out mot speaking much and laying in the bed for the whole time. And i never ever had anytype of anxiety symptoms before no such trauma in past life , though my father suffers from bi polar disorder.

I am worried if it will stay with me for the rest of my life and will the intensity of panic attacks and anxiety subsidy . I don't wanna stay the same as i had many plans and was very motivated about my life . Help would be very much appreciated.