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Hi im 12 years old and i need to lose weight fast


Hi there. I would like to give you an accurate and responsible reply, however there are a couple of things you should consider:

firstly, if I or someone else is going to offer advice, we would need to have some understanding of your current situation, particularly your BMI (Body Mass Index), for which we would need your actual weight, and height.

also, astonishingly, adults are delighted to see fit and healthy children growing up. Unfortunately, it also saddens us to see children sickening and dying because they took bad advice, or believed a magazine.

if you want to do your own research into your BMI, or would like to provide the basic details necessary: age (you've given us), male/female, height, and we both agree that your BMI is in a range that health professionals consider overweight, then I'd be happy to help provide advice on weight loss

you may not like that attitude, but we don't like to see children dying.

if you are genuinely overweight by professional standards, I would be happy to help you

if not, then I hope you make it to 18, and have a happy and fruitful life thereafter.

I'll be here if you choose to reply and continue


hello every one im 12 and weigh 84.4 and i want to lose wait please help me my name is KC.