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To sum it up, I am a 19 year old white female and I weigh 170 pounds and am 5'4".

For the past couple months (since July 2010) I have been on a work out regimen of 1 hour split into 30 minute sessions a day on a Gazelle Freestyle. I have started to cut sugary and caffiene drinks out of my diet and eating smaller portions of meals with limited sugar and fat. Unfortunately, I wind up going out to eat at least 2x a week it seems like (buffet, fast food) with my family. I want to enjoy the food without feeling the guilt but I know I am doing damage to my weight loss program. But eating out is unavoidable in my situation but I have not seen much progress other than my fiance telling me the muffin tops are decreasing a tee bit but my stomach is still... plateau and big. Personally I don't notice anything and want to change that...

My family wise, they are all not overweight but not skinny people either with the exception of my great grandmother.

So I am just wondering if anyone has been in the same boat, do you have any tips you can give me on diet and exercise? And anything else that helped you?

Thank you for taking the time for read. I'd appreciate any help I can get.


Firstly, it was a pleasure to read you rationale and cogent post. From the information you've given, I've popped it into a BMI calculator, which suggests a figure of 29.1, at the high end of the 'overweight' but not obese range - does that sound right? For the record, and out of curiosity I put in my figures of 6'4", 16 1/2 stone, and got a figure of 27.9, so we're not talking that far apart.

If I understand it correctly, what that tells me is that you're a little chubbier than you'd like to be, but a) you have a fiance, so something has to be good there, and b) you're rational and well adjusted, even able to admit that you like food, like you, and would just like some tips to make a real difference.

The wonderful thing about all that is, it's far easier for someone whose mind works to adjust their lifestyle, that it is to reach someone who is compulsively addicted to losing weight because that's what the magazines say.

Now, I hate to suggest anything that would prevent the normal next thirty years of angst and anxiety over your weight, but there is, in your case, as a rational human being, perhaps an alternative I can suggest.

Forget the diet. Not the awareness of your weight, nor the awareness of your food, or lifestyle, but the premise that there is something wrong to fix. According to your fiance, there's a lot that's right to enjoy - why? because he's there. Want to lose 150 calories, if you're smiling at the thought of having your fiance in your life, and right now you ravished him, that's 150 calories, and a lot more fun than a stairmaster.

Instead of scheduling misery into your life with a diet, schedule joy in your life that will, as it happens, enhance your metabolism, your fun, your figure, your self-esteem. Enjoy dancing - joy itself burns calories - all that energy, get up and go, vitality, optimisim - your body responds, saying he, where's the party - depression, lack of enthusiasm, the body says, why bother, low burn... so you're clearly rational, you clearly are connected with your family, and you have a fiance - three great reasons for optimism, so next time you think about going on a diet, remind yourself, you're on the joy diet - the more joy, the more energy, the more energy, the more burn, the more burn, the less fat, the more fun, the more joy, the more joy, the more energy...

Second, schedule fun into your life in a way that is, well, fun - vital - and have fun with it - have fun scheduling fun - find innovative ways to make moving fun - wanna swim, go swim, wanna dance, go dance - wanna reward yourself for that sweaty workout on the dance floor, take him back and that's another 150 calories, on top of whatever you burned on the dance floor ...

Make life a celebration that your too busy planning and doing and enjoying to remember to count the calories.

... and everything in moderation: don't fight the chocolate, but don't let the chocolate tell you what to do either - next time a chocolate bar says 'eat me', say 'bite me' back ... ever have a date, of course you have, you have a fiance - did you go up to him and say 'oh you're so yummy I have to have you now now now' (if you did, good for you! wish I could have been there to see his face!) - or did you play coy - yes, that was nice - let's see you next week - if you can do that with the single most important man in your life, why can't you do that with a crummy old cake, that's ten a penny, made by the millions, yawn.

Stop thinking problem: start thinking problem how to cram so much fun into so little time.

... and by the way, little secret: your brain consumes 70% if I recall correctly of body sugar in normal operation - that's right, thinking is exercise!

So go for it, celebrate life, congratulations on having a fiance, that's life the universe and everything's way of saying 'hey, this one's hot', and hot is good - hot burns energy, burning energy slims, you get the idea!

Go play, have fun, good luck.


Thank you so much for your input! I really find a lot of inspiration and motivation in this :-)

I am happy I am not judged by my fiance for my weight or looks. I am not too obsessed with losing weight but I have been suggested by others to lose a couple pounds just to stay in the healthy range for my age and height group. I agree since I find that gaining weight I lost some metabolism and added probably a bit more stress into my life after moving and acclimating to my new surrounding plus college life.

To also add, i was a equestrian earlier in my youth and that helped a lot to keep me in shape and my metabolism going as well as making life enjoyable. I moved from the north to the south of the USA to be closer to family and haven't been able to ride as much as I used to.

I read a lot of information that I find incredible motivation with. I am happy with my life and try not to let stress get to me and try to have fun with everything I do in life.

I did not know that brain consumed body sugar at all! I guess we all learn something new everyday.


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Thanks !

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Appreciate the cheer David! Nice to be appreciated.


... and krp, Go Girl!

Good for you, glad you enjoyed it, and welcome to the dilemma of 'adult' life - as we get older, we get sedentary, quieter jobs, family, distractions, we slow down but continue to eat like we're growing teens.

Really wonderful if you take it to heart, and celebrate life with your fiance.

Come to think of it, wouldn't be a bad idea if I listened to some of my own advice!

Now, where's that stairmaster...?