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Can you get pregnant on your period? Is thick white discharge a early sign of pregnancy or just ovulation, I had a weird period, it was heavy and then nothing the next day and has been fluctuating between normal and low and nothing at all bleeding. Is their a chance I'm pregnant?



Thick, white vaginal discharge that has a "creamy" texture, like pudding, is related to your luteal phase, so after your ovulation happens. If you get pregnant, that discharge will continue. I think it is related to increased progesterone production? So it can be an early pregnancy sign in a way. 

As for a weird "period" that lasted only one day, that could be early pregnancy spotting. If it was very heavy and then stopped, that is kind of weird. I would be worried about miscarriage, though the bleeding associated with that lasts longer. 

In any case, if there is any question that you are pregnant, you should definitely take a pregnancy test ASAP to find out for sure. 

Good luck!!!