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Hi there. Recently have been having a weird sensation in my chest that feels like a "fullness" or tightness. Only started about two weeks ago when I was exercising. I found myself very fatigued after it and the feeling hasn't gone away since. Every so often my chest on the right side near my collar bone gets the tight feeling and its usually worse at night or when laying down. In the last 3 or so days it feels like its a struggle to swallow properly and have discomfort in my throat/neck just above the collar bone. Any ideas?


Hi Sam,

Please see your doctor.

Your symptoms alone suggest you need to get seen.  The fullness or tightness, coupled with "very fatigued," could indicate a possible cardiac issue.  Sometimes this can cause feelings in your throat.  

It may also be a GI issue.  

The important thing is that you rule out cardiac issues now.

Good luck, keep us posted.