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i was just smoking earlier today. i used a drinking straw to smoke some kush because i didnt have a pipe. after 4 hits i started to feel really dizzy, felt like my head weigh nothing,i have problem looking at an object and staying focused, and im starting to feel cold when its hot and hot when its cold. this always happens when i smoke weed or taken some extacy.

Is this usual??



First thing I noticed about the hot and cold and vice versa is smoking marijuana or smoke in general is a constrictor to the vains in your body therefore, resulting in lack of blood flow, for example my feet always get cold, as well as my hands, other symptoms may have resulted due to E, Esctasy depletes serotonin levels in your brain, which could eventually lead to anxiety. With anxiety symptoms are almost endless. Another example is the waves of warmth in my body which feels like it comes directly from my stomach or kidneys, this is a result of anxiety. Which weed can either assist to control, or accelerate the issue.

Keep smoking though until something more serious happens :-)