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  Basically i started smoking weed about 2 or 3 years ago. At first i was very occasional in terms of use, sometimes i would go a month without smoking. But as time progressed i started to smoke more and more, until i started to continually smoke just about everyday at least once. This point was pretty cool, i had never had anxiety and smoking never caused it. so i smoked about mid-day and then once at night. I liked this point a lot because i did have sober time in my life. Things started to get a little messier as i started to find friends that smoked during school... I and man i fell it love with it. I could control myself easily and i felt it more a challenge to wrap my mind around the daily work and continue my exceptional progress in school. Then around the end of the school year this year i got into a family fight and ended up leaving the house for a month or so, me being of age to be on my own i for once had the say in the matter of things. While living with a friend we started to smoke A LOT of weed. After a week or so we could easily go through half an ounce a day, or even an ounce. On top of that i loved to try other drugs, mainly psychedelics, and on the occasion maybe narcotics which felt wonderful but i never fell into any kind of love with them.
Then we steadied out to about probably 3 grams a day. Smoking really didn't even feel like getting high it just felt normal that i smoke the bong when there was nothing else to do. I felt stoned without even smoking the weed! haha.
  Well. a rather stressful week came, i was to fly across the continent to Australia for family vacation as i had patched things up with my family and was set to move back in when we returned to the states. During this week i had some MDMA very pure and me and my girlfriend decided to use it before i left. The first time was wonderful and i felt absolutely great. The second time however we became severely dehydrated to the point were we almost passed out in Walmart buying drinks. She had a worse trip with an overwhelmingly fast heart beat and all that night i tended to her having her drink water and cold green tea. I myself however were fine in the utmost. A few days later. I had 7grams of psychedelic mushrooms that i very stupidly took one late night and had the worst trip on my entire life. I felt as if i were going to die, and that any movement would drain my body of life. Eventually i came to terms with the trip and settled down after an arduous journey to my friends house. I decided weed would help me to fall asleep. So i smoked a bowl and my hallucinations came right back along with the feeling of dread that i had put my body under to much stress. Eventually i happened to fall asleep, and awoke still shaky from last nights en devour. As i recall i believe it was that very night, or perhaps the following night. I had a strain of very potent sativa, and going into the shower. Here i started to feel my heart race and my view on the world seemed to get bigger and smaller, breathing became abnormal, and thus fell into a panic attack. I recalled this occurrence twice before. Once at my friends house and my panic had brought the high to an end where i regained reason. And again during... well... moments with my girlfriend ;) but then i had not fallen into the attack for reasons I don't need to explain. However this time was different. And it scared me greatly of the drug. Even though as i thought to myself how many times i've smoked. I came to the conclusion that it must be my tolerance and constant use of the drug, along with other psychedelics, had softened me up. For it was only when i thought something amis that i began to spiral downward.
This theory proved correct over the next week. I had a sober anxiety attack before the flight and delayed me a week in time before i saw my family. During this week, i smoked, but very little. And always chose to smoke a potent Indica strain, these seemed to have less effect on my anxiety, and allowed for much more mental control. However the thought lingered that i was unable to push from my mind. I was constantly checking my heart rate, my breathing, and overall surroundings of hallucinations. I had successfully become very high with my friends one late night and sat quietly on my bed (which i had moved to the living room) enjoying the feeling and watching my friends play Call of duty. But still in the back of my mind resided the thought of hyper vigilance. I have not smoked since then, and was given xanex as medication. However... I came under two anxiety attacks in Australia where i currently reside. One that i overcame without medication, and another of more peculiar standards. After an intense workout that night, coming out of the gym i sank to the floor feeling quite weak and tingly in the fingers (my fear begins with tingling in the cheeks or fingers) but the thought did press even harder than before and before i knew it i was entangled in tingly numbness and complete fear. My fingers and muscles became extremely constricted and i sat with my brother crying to him for an ambulance. An attack of this magnitude was never before conceived, and very much alarmed my being.
My mother however inquired a different notion... that perhaps the anxiety i was fighting very well, but there i may have been stricken with a diabetic attack. For soon i came to realize my anxiety flared only when i started to work my body very hard. So anxiety is all in the head yes? But diabetes is in the body... but that matter is to be dealt with upon my return to the states...
My reason for this posting, is to find what many of your thoughts may be on the subject concerning my story. What should i do to relieve these symptoms if in fact it is not diabetes? I feel i have fastened a steady grip over my anxiety however it does tend to leak through when i give it the chance. I'm sure there are many who have overcome such a senseless loop of fear, what could you say to me? The anxiety i find is simply an annoyance that i wish to quell more than anything... Any information or thoughts would be considered very useful and i would thank you personally if i could for anything you would be willing to share, even stories, for there is much to be learned by events.


I have had very similar problems over the past month. None were brought on by phsycadelics (I think), as I learned I couldn't take those when I was 18 years old and had some bad experiences with shrooms and salvia divornium.

 I am a 26 year old male and have been smoking pot since I was 13. I only smoked on weekends and maybe once during the week for the 1st year and then for the next 5 years I would smoke 1 to 8 times a day. I quit for about a year because of legal problems and trying to find work, but as soon as I was free from drug tests I soon picked back up where I left off. 1 to 8 times a day up until now.

 About three months ago I smoked some sativa with my brother in law (The 1st blunt of the day/late afternoon) I started to get all of the symptoms you mentioned. (Of course I have smoked many types of weed, this not being the 1st time smoking sativa. I just smoked whatever was available) Tingling in the fingers, heart pounding, felt like my airway was closing, numbness in the legs and arms. PURE TORTURE. I thought I was dying and paced in my brothers front yard for at least thirty minutes. I tried to lay down, and regulate my breathing but nothing worked. Finally after about an hour of panic I calmed down. My first thought was that my brother in law laced the weed with PCP or some type of amphetamine. This was not the case. I went on smoking for another couple of weeks with no problems until about a month and a half ago. I smoked a joint of some indica by myself then smoked a cigarette right after, it was about 9:00 pm. (I've done this every time I smoked weed since I was 13. Call it a ritual.) Once again, the same thing happened only worse. This time I was home in a cool environment and I only smoked half of the joint. The only thing that seemed to help was standing in a cold shower. It still didn't stop the panic and muscle spasms and breathing depression or heart rate. I think it just tricked my mind for the moment and gave me a little satisfaction. If I layed down, it got worse because it seemed like my heart would beat harder and make the whole bed move with the heartbeat. 

I went my physician and told him what was going so he gave me an EKG. He found several abnormal things going on with my heart, so he sent me to the cardiologist. (By this time I had not smoked for about a week.) He gave me another EKG and an echocardiogram and he said that my heart was normal for a 26 year old. So I went home and decided to smoke again. BAD DECISION. Same thing happened, more panic attacks. I then went to the Pulmonary clinic where they checked for lung disease/tumors/COPD/and asthma. Everything checked out fine except for asthma, which I had as a child but was gone by the time I became an adolescent. It was induced by smoking cigarettes and weed since age 13. He gave me two inhalers, antibiotics and steroids to strengthen my lungs. Maybe the astham has something to do with it but I don't think so.

I recently found that now I am getting panic attacks if I use anything to alter my mind, and it never happened before that evening with my brother in law. If I take too many pain pills, smoke weed, or even have more than 5 beers. This pisses me off because I like to smoke weed and drink. One thing I have learned is that breathing in and out of a brown paper bag helps when you are hyperventilating and helps you kill a panic attack quicker than anything else.

 I know I haven't been much help but if you can figure out let me know. I haven't smoked weed in about a week and am irritable as hell can't sleep well and the dreams are horrible when I do sleep. The wife can hardly stand to be around me as well as friends.

Good Luck.


Well it's been a three weeks since I smoked, and actually feel that I am craving a high more than anything, but as you said have the same problem with mind alterations. Drinking is hard for me nowadays, but painkillers seem to ease the anxiety. (although I would be careful for addiction). If you can try to get xanex take one before you smoke and you won't have a panic attack. I'm going to try smoking in another few days when I get home but I think the main thing is to not pay attention to your symptoms. I know that's easier said than done but trust me. Have a cup of water and do something to distract your mind, and the symptoms will vanish on their own. I found that what convinces myself that if there was a problem I think to myself "what could I do?" "is this an anxiety attack?" if you are aware that it is anxiety that's the trouble; anxiety is in the mind and only has power over you if you give it. I found that counting to 3 while breathing in and again while exhaling works fine, and to look at your symptoms from the third person, and say "okay. Tingling. Fast heart. Whatever." your heart races when you run or workout so it's meaningless to worry when you know it will calm down eventually in the same fashion. On top of everything else I would think smoke weed less often, and in lesser amounts. I think by now a bowl from a pipe would do me just fine. Another theory is to get completely clean and simply pace yourself and don't throw yourself into where you left off you probably won't handle it well. I
Hope I've helped friend, if youd like I can post again after I've tried smoking again myself, I find there are many people with the problem.