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So, two weeks ago I got my belly button pierced. It's really cute and all, but it looks like it may be infected.
I read the SteadyHeath article on the Pros and Cons of belly button piercings and it said that people often mistake crustiness and pus as infection.
I have both the pus and crustiness, but the area around the piercing is somewhat sore and has been red for several days.
I've never had a piercing get infected before, so I'm not sure what symptoms I should be looking for.
So, any information on infections and symptoms of infections would be very useful.
Thank you!


It sounds like you have a minor belly button piercing infection on your hands there. Soreness, redness, and a bit of crusting are all signs. Just make sure to avoid touching it too often, which can aggravate the irritation you already have, and when you touch your piercing to clean it, always wash your hands first so you don't get bacteria in there. Also make sure you wear loose clothing that doesn't rub against your belly button piercing. 

At two weeks in, your piercing is still pretty fresh. You should be fine, but if you're worried, swing by your piercer and ask for their opinion.