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Hello everyone,

My maid of honor is really a good looking lady. She is almost 7 years older than me, and she looks amazing. I am jealous at her :/ But, she really take care of her look and her body, since she was 15 year old she is in the gym, fitness centers, etc. Lately, she is in Australia because of her work, and when we were talking a few days ago, she mentioned that she is thrilled with two steps of fat burning surface program. I forgot to ask her, so I am asking you – what are two steps of Fat burning surface program?

Do you have any idea about this?


Hi girl,

I am not so sure what do you mean by that, but I do believe that two steps are to eat less and to burn your calories. Those are the main two steps in every diet program, well, almost every diet program, so I believe that it is the same about Fat burning surface program. If you wonder how to do that, it can be done in different ways. If you want to burn your calories, most people believe that cardio is one way to do that. But, if you don’t like cardio, you can walk, for example, or play basketball, or anything else that makes you happy :)

Eating less is a second step and I believe that we don’t have to talk much about it.

Have a nice day!