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Hey there everyone,

So I have one question that I want to ask you for a long, long time. I don’t know why I didn’t do that yet, but now I remember it :) So, story goes like this; my aunt Christina is using Medifast replacements. According to her, those replacements are OK, sometimes she is really hungry, but she now can tolerate this. It was hard at the beginning, but now it is ok.

A few days ago, I have heard something about this, I don’t know is this true, but I was wondering do you know is Medifast meal replacement clinically tested and approved? 



That is one of the most common questions about Medifast replacements and about this diet program, generally. Well, this diet has a years of experience behind itself, so they were working really hard to see are there something that is wrong with it. It is effective and it is safe, but answer on your question is positive – yes, those replacement are clinically proven and tested. As far as I know, those replacements are clinically proven, used and recommended by doctors as well.

So, no reason for you to be afraid about it.

I still believe that those replacements can be one of the best at the market.

Good luck! 



Good day there,

I have to say that I totally agree with you. Medifast meal replacements are something the best in the market at this moment. I remember when my maid of honor was using Medifast meal replacement. She was so thrilled, because she was able to eat about five times a day, and she was not hungry – almost never :)

She was feeling full all the time – those are her words. But, I have to say that I do agree that the most important thing is that Medifast is totally clinically tested and approved.

That is one more reason why you don’t have to be afraid.