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Good day everyone,

I want to lose my pounds soon and I am thinking to start this Anti – estrogenic diet program, because I do believe that this one may be very good option. Maybe I am wrong, but you can never tell. But, this was not one of my crazy ideas, my boyfriend told me that I should try it, because his sister is on it and she is really satisfied. He doesn’t know too much about this diet program, neither do I. So I was hoping that you can tell me more information about it/ I am really interested and I am afraid because I can fail. I know about some three steps, but still no idea what that could be. 

Tell me about your experience.



Hello my darling,

This diet is famous because of those three main steps. Anti – estrogenic diet is a pretty good diet program. You need to follow those three steps, and trust me, you will see some results. First phase is also known as detoxification phase. In this one, you should consume various food items, such as broccoli, spinach, organic eggs, beans, etc. This phase is cleaning your body. Second phase consists of food items which will cut the formation of estrogen hormones in your body. The last one, third phase reintroduces food items such as meat, bread, pasta, etc.

Is this helpful? 



Good day there,

Thank you for your quick answer. I have to say that those three steps seems pretty easy to follow. I like this one step, when it comes to detoxification, because I believe that this is the main step in this whole process.

If I can make with this first step, I think that I will be able to be the best in this diet program lol :)

Anyway, thank you once again. It is really nice to know some things about this. Any information is helpful, and I am glad about this.

Thank you very much/

Have a nice day!