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Hi there everyone,

My mother called me yesterday. She moved to Canada a few months ago, and I really miss her. We were talking on skype and she told me that she started to follow Herbal magic weight loss program, because every her new friend in Canada follow this diet program.

They have so amazing results, I am not that sure in this, so I was wondering can you share your experience with me, can you tell me how much weight can you lose with Herbal magic weight loss program?

I would like to hear what do you think.

Have a nice day! 


You can lose a lot, but you have to have one thing on your mind – this process can go really, really slow. It is healthy diet program, because it is totally herbal, which means that this one is totally natural and healthy. Maybe in this diet programs you can lose your pound a little bit slow, but you should keep in your mind that this is good diet program.

My friend Larissa lost 13 kilograms in almost three months, which is pretty good.

So, you don’t have to be worried about your mom. I am sure that she knows what is she doing. 



Hey there,

Thanks for such a quick reply! I was thinking that you can be able to lose your pounds a little bit faster, because it is totally herbal diet program. Now, I have to say that I am a little bit confused, because I had different theory lol :)

But, never mind. If this diet program is healthy, I am glad. Better for her, and for me as well, because she is so hard head! Can you tell me do you have any other experience with this diet program? How much weight she is going to lose, for example in 5 months?

Tnx a lot! 



Hi people,

No one can tell you this, remember. I just can not tell you, for example, she will lose 21 kilogram in five months, because it is impossible. You can never know!

My maid of honor was on Herbal magic weight loss program for year and a half, and she was losing and gaining her pounds all the time. I am not saying that she got fat during this diet program, but now, when I ask her how many pounds she lost during this process, she can’ tell me.

That is the main reason. But, she will lose her pounds, I just don’t know when!

Good luck anyway!