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I am a homosexual male and recently I had sex with my partner he engaged in anal sex and he inserted his penis into my anal area and as the story goes from there I experienced an irritating pain and itching sensation at first i thought it was a natural thing(we did not engage in safe sex no condom) that you get from having anal sex. But as it progressed it is now two weeks after it happened and im bleeding when I wipe myself and pain when I clean my anus in the shower with a washcloth. All ive been worrying about is whether or not these are syptoms of AIDs or HIV but none of the symptoms matched so im wondering what this means. AFter the ordeal I have decided to remain abstinent until my next relationship I made this msitake once and now I fear for my life because I know thats all it takes. Bafore I pursue another relationship I plan to get tested soon for STDs and wait another month or two and get tested again. So I would like to know what this can mean are these symptoms a reason to worry about an STD?


After two weeks, no, these are not symptoms of HIV/AIDS. The most common first symptoms would resemble a cold or the flu.

I suspect that the trauma caused you to develop hemorrhoids, your symptoms of itching and bleeding are common indicators.
It is also possible that, since your rectum contains a lot of blood vessels,that some of these vessels have ruptured.

You can try an over the counter product. If it continues, see a doctor.

FYI, the CDC recommends that you wait at least 3 months before getting tested. You can get a false negative earlier. It can also take up to a year to test positive in some cases. You should also be tested for other STD's.

Don't be so hard on yourself. We all make mistakes and you won't do it again.

Hope that helps. Please keep us posted and good luck.