I am 23 years old and I recently I met a guy and that we are attracted to each other to be as boyfriends. He told me that he has haemophilia. Would you help me about these topics? Please note that we are a Gay (Homosexual) couple and he is 19.

1. In emergency situation how can I help him?
2. If he suddenly injured or bleeds, what should I do as first aids?
3. Can we walk for longtime? What kind of activities can be dangerous for him?
4. Regarding to sex, do I need to care about something when I have sex with him?
5. Regarding anal sex, doesn't it dangerous for him? If so, is it totally possible for him to have anal sex (as passive) or not? If it is possible, how should I care about him in anal sex?
6. If you think I should do anything, please let me know.
7. How dangerous is his illness?
8. Sometimes (often 3 or 4 times a week) he says he has joint aches and he goes to his haemophilia center to take factors. Is it normal or should be less in a week? Are these joint aches dangerous?

Very thank you to help me to have better relationship with my boyfriend and be more relaxed about his disorder.