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Hello, folks. My friend slept with a woman six months ago and didn’t use a protection. He has recently found out that that woman is HIV positive. Now, he is obsessed that he has AIDS, although he hasn’t any symptom. I would like to know what the earliest symptoms are. Thanks in advance.


Hello, there. Your friend should’ve been more careful. The first symptoms that usually appear after HIV infection are not characteristic. They resemble much to common flu. After they pass, a person can be in good health for a long period. Sometimes, it can even be up to 10 years. We do not say that this person has AIDS, but that he/she is HIV positive. After this period, there is a second phase of disease where usually swollen lymph nodes appear, but diarrhea, weight loss, fever and cough as well. In the third phase, infections and tumors that are characteristic for AIDS appear. Those are infections caused by germs that are usually harmless for healthy people. Kaposi sarcoma is one of the tumors that are very rare among non-HIV population. Instead of waiting for symptoms to appear, I suggest your friend to do a HIV test. If he is positive, he will start with treatment in time. If he is negative, he will be relieved from a stress.


As i've research in the internet some of the earlier sign of aids are fever, rash, headache, lost of appetite, swollen glans, Achy muscles and joints.

Later symptom would be # Persistent, enlarged lymph nodesSmall, round or oval bodies connected by a network of vessels; they help remove bacteria and foreign particles from the circulation, and play a role in the body's immune defenses

# Excessive fatigue

# Weight loss

# Frequent fevers

# Night sweats

# Chronic or frequent diarrhea

# Genital sores (sores around the penis or vagina)

# Thrush Oral candidiasis, an infection of the mouth caused by caused by the yeast-like fungus (an infection of the mouth caused by Candida, a yeast-like fungus) and mouth lesions

# Skin rash or flaky skin

# Joint stiffness and pain

# Bone pain

# Blurred vision

# Short-term memory loss

# Repeated bacterial, viral, or fungal infections