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The other night I was talking to my mom about this woman that we know. She had a miscarriage not too long ago. I was just wondering what causes a miscarriage and how do you know you're having/or you had a miscarriage.


Unfortunately, in an early miscarriage there are often no truly obvious reasons, it can just happen.
A miscarriage happens when you are pregnant, and you will often have intense pain followed by pretty heavy bleeding. It is always important to see your doc if you suspect a miscarriage, because if you are having one you don't wany any retained tissue.

EVEN during a miscarriage you will show a positive on a pregnancy test, as it takes a few weeks for the pregnancy hormones to wane down.

TO HELP prevent miscarriage and some birth defects, there are some guidelines that women can follow to try to enusre a healthy pregnancy. NO smoking, drinking, or drugs during pregnancy. GETTING PLENTY of folic acid will help for a healthier pregnancy, it prevents birth defects and is reccomended to use furing pregnancy.