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Hi I'm having trouble understanding this miscarriage thing. I got my period about a week early. The day before I started bleeding I had cramps,then during my period I had the worst cramps ever,and I rarely ever get cramps. It was light for the first two days ,but by the third day got real heavy with lots to little tissue in it. I checked online n read that it could've been a miscarriage. I didnt know if I was pregnant to start with, so I let it take its course. I bleed for about almost a week, had a few spots on the eighth and nineth day.I had some yellow discharge on the 10th or 11th day, but now all I get is clear discharge. But I also still get minor and I feel bloated.. Is it okay to feel bloated with minor pain or cramps?


HOW do you know you had a miscarriage? Did you see a doctor?

ONLY a doctor can tell you if you are having a miscarriage..AN early period is not always a miscarriage, same thing for a late period.

IF you are having a miscarriage, then a pregnancy test would show up as positive for 1-2 weeks after the event.

IF you suspect a miscarriage, you NEED to see a doctor.