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Hello, I'm 23 years old and I'm a diabetic with type 1 and I'm planning a pregnancy. I need some advice. I'm thinking that I need to plan ahead for my pregnancy since I am diabetic, but I'm not sure about what things I need to think of. I was thinking that maybe I should monitor by blood sugar more often and regularly and keep good records. I'm also thinking about what I would need to do while I'm pregnant and after I have my baby. Anyone out there with type 1 that has gone through pregnancy that can share their experience with me. I would appreciate it. I think it will make me feel more comfortable with what I'm trying to do. Thanks


Hi, you're right about having to plan ahead of time and that's what my doctor had me do. You need to get your blood glucose levels under control long before you get pregnant. High sugar levels can do damage to your embryo during the first few weeks of pregnancy. Consider the fact that most women don't even know they are pregnant at that time. So, you see, you need to have your glucose levels under control now. You'll need to have good control while your pregnant as well and your doctor should be able to help you with that to some extent, but of course the rest is left up to you.


You should know that glucose is carried into the fetus by way of the placenta so if you have high sugar levels so will your fetus. If this occurs early in pregnancy, this increases the risk of birth defects and miscarriage. In the latter half of pregnancy and also when you close to delivery, high sugar levels can cause the fetus to weight more and be larger in size which can cause complications in birthing. So it is important that you manage your blood glucose levels well before and during pregnancy.