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I am very new to running (since August) so all of the stages a runner goes through are all very new to me and since I have no past experience, I have no idea what the best course of action is.

Thanks for your patience...

What causes the wooden, lead feeling in your legs on a run? My head was all for a run, my upper body was ready, but my legs felt like lead. I ended up having to walk some during a distance that I had no trouble with before. (We're talking very short run)

No pain after, no pain during, just heavy! (And I haven't gained weight--heehe) And I spent a good deal of time stretching.

Is this something I just need to battle through? I'm sure it's mental, somehow. Will it go away with continued running and effort?

Thanks in advance.


It could be several things.

Overtraining. Have you increase milage recently? Did you have enough time after your last long/hard workout?

Dehydration. Your legs can quickly turn to lead. It really bites in long hot races. Also, part of this is electrolytes (sodium and potasium). Some salt is good especially when summer hits. Bananas are the prefered source of potasium for athletes.

More obscure causes: general nutrition. I can have a hard time it I have had only junk food recently. It seems like there is a birthday or holiday everyother weekend. Also, have you got enough sleep recently?

All of these are part of the big picture. Think it over. If it continues or you have more details we help you get back on track.


I know for certain it's not overtraining.

Dehydration is always possible with me, I hate drinking water.

Sleep, yes I get enough, but my mind still wants more. I don't know if it's from stress or actual tiredness. Or stress making me tired. I haven't ever been this stressed before in my life, to be truthful.

Nutrition--I really try to avoid junk food. If I have junk food I will eat the kids meal and throw away most of the fries. I have been trying to tweak my diet a lot lately and am trying to figure out what my body needs. I had some horrible mood swings--so I figured out I was cutting out too many calories. Once I adjusted up a little, my mood swings stopped really quick. I eat very little red meat. I stick to chicken or fish, if I eat it. I prefer veggies. But my goal is to find the combination of foods that fuels and gives me the most bang for my buck. I'm into grains, too.



I began running last Aug. too, and recently had the dead leg problem. I have no idea what caused it as I had not increased my mileage etc... I took 2 days off (one was a scheduled rest day) and felt much better. I should add I decided to do this in the middle of a run. I went out for 5 miles, and at 2.5 decided I just did NOT want to do this. Sometimes I think your body needs a rest.

Hope you get over that feeling soon.


It sounds like it could be just some overtraining. Not really sure. Usually I get the dead legs when my weekly mileage is up considerably. I hope this helps.