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when i wake up and go run i can run for 1 hour and 30 minutes, non stop, no cramps. i do not eat before i run. but if i try to run in the afternoon, or any time other than the morning, i can only run for about 40 mins and then i get belly cramps. i understand that stomach cramps are caused because too much blood is flowing to the blood vessels in your legs and not enough is flowing to your abdomen area.
when i run in the morning, its about 60 degrees. when i run in the afternoon, its around 80. is that a huge issue? should it affect my running time by nearly a whole hour?
do i run less because of my eating habits? i try to eat every more meals a day with less food and go for 2000 calories and about 140g protien, but i still get cramped up.
ive tried waiting 3 hours after a meal to run in the afternoon, but i still get cramps...

it seems to me that it has to be the food im eating and how much blood is going to my stomach during the daytime. i can run much longer if i dont eat anything before a run, so i must be doing something wrong with my diet.
can anyone give me suggestions?
it is VERY frustrating when im running in the afternoon and i have to stop after 40mins when i could be going for 1 hour 30 mins


It's the temp i'm pretty sure. 20 degrees is a huge difference on the body.


Oh, and to reduce cramps remember to take even deep breathes while running. Shallow breathing while exercising will lead to cramps. This is because of strain on the ligaments attached to your diaphram and liver. The liver is on the right side of your body, so exhaling when your right foot hits the ground will strain its ligaments most. Try to exhale only when your left foot hits the ground instead.

And the basics:
-No pastrami sandwiches or cheeseburgers an hour before running, and remember to drink a glass of warm water before running.