I have a few weird things going on and would really like some help on what I should do and just any input at all I'm starting to get a little scared. I have had severe upper back pain for about two years now and I'm starting to get really concerned about whats going on. In between my spine and shoulder blades on both sides of my spine I have to large lumps that have gotten bigger over time and the pain is pretty bad but fluctuates and the pain increases when lumps are touched. Every so often I get these back spasms, well I think they are back spasms that are the worst pain I have ever felt which causes me to be completely imobable during the spasms and any movement of any part of my body shoots crazy amounts of pain throughout my entire body. During the severe spasmps that pretty much immobilize me I can barely even breath without it shooting pain throughout my entire back.Even when my back is not in spasm I take deep breaths in it causes pain in my spine and upper back in between my shouder blades, sometimes the pain is intense forcing me to not take deep breaths and sometimes its not as bad. My two top ribs on the left side of my back are alost constsntly aching and throbbing in pain. For about two years now right above my spine and at the base of my neck on the left and right side I have two hard ball/lumps under the skin that when pressed hard cause a very weird pain up my neck and down my spine. Both ball/lumps on my neck are not in symetrical spots and the one on my right side causes more pain to the touch and is bigger than on my left. I would say the ball/lump on my right side is about 2-3cm and left about 1cm and these have been here for well over a year very slowly growing. Then recently on my forehead a ball/lump about 1cm formed and feels exactly like the ball/lumps on my neck. I'm 18 years old and am in very good physical condition and this stuff shouldnt be happening please help me. What do you guys think? I need some feedback please it means alot to me.