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I like to swim and have been doing it for a long time. I have been experiencing lower back pain lately. It is getting worse and worse. I never would have thought that swimming could hurt my back. I am worried. What do you think about constant lower back pain? What should I do?


Although kidney stones as well as some other medical conditions can cause lower back pain, most of the time it is a matter of compressed disc in spine. If your spine is in unnatural position for a long time or you suddenly pull or jerk something heavy the pressure on your disc may become too great. This can lead to rupture in the disc. In such case the content spills over and compresses the surrounding nerves. Hence the pain. People not only feel pain in the back but also in hips, knees or feet. You have to see your doctor about it. One thing though, there is no way that you could have hurt your spine swimming. It must have been something else. In fact, swimming is one of the recommended therapies for recuperation and convalescing after having problems with your spine.