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:? I have a small lump on my neck and it dosent hurt I can only feel it when I squeeze it! but I thought that it would just go away and it hasn't I'm not sure what i should do?? does anyone know what i should do??


The only way to know for sure is to see a doctor. It is good that the lump hasn’t changed in size although you never said how long it has been there!

Depending on the place where it is situated on the neck, it could be indicating just a swollen lymph node but it could be a lymphoma-cancer of the lymph nodes. Anything is possible. I don’t want to scare you, I am saying that it is a good sign if it hasn’t changed and to make sure you need to see a doctor. See a GP first and s/he may refer you to an ENT or see an ENT directly if that’s possible.

Now, lymph nodes are situated all over our body and they have a defense role in our system. They will first encounter a foreign body-substance in our body and try to fight it. When it starts fighting it will swell. Lymph nodes in the neck swell when there are minor infection like cold or flu or similar but also when something bigger may be in stake.

Are there are other symptoms you may be experiencing like tiredness, or night sweats or something else that you wouldn’t characterize as the usual.

Like I said before, the only way to know for sure is have it checked. According to the look, size and place of the lump, a doc may decide to wait and watch for the lump or perform a biopsy to see what it is all about.