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I have a few bumps going in a line down from my ear to my collar bone. They are on that neck muscle. they're as hard as my spine, and resemble it a lot. at first i didn't think anything of them but now i'm getting concerned. They only hurt when i push moderately hard on them. they are only on the right side of my neck, and are clearly under the skin. they are getting bigger, because i can now see them when i use a mirror.


The first thing we are all guilty of is pokeing and manipulating anything that appears any where on our bodies, don't because your just irritating something that could be and probably is nothing. Now we have glands and lymph nodes spread out all over us, and sometimes if there is an infection or an imbalance of sorts, these glands or nodes may swell and become sensitive.

My daughter has something similiar to what your experiencing. At least every other month, her glands swell on the right side of her neck, faithfully. The doctor has checked and rechecked to find no reason for this.
You didn't mention your age, may i ask?

On the flip side of this happening, any lump or bump that doesn't belong should be looked at by your doctor, just to be on the safe side. There are a million horror stories all over the internet, be careful of all that.
Do you feel like you may be coming down sick? I'm sure you are aware of all the nasties floating around. Give your doctor a call and put your mind at ease. Until you know what's going on, your going to keep on pinching and playing with your lumps and you could irritate them even more.