Hey, so it appears (to me) that many people worry about getting a tonsillectomy and what to expect.

I'm brannnndd new to this site so I don't know if I'm doing this in the right spot or what, I'm just laying down how it felt.

Day 1- 5 Post Opp. : Pain = 7-8. The pain is awful, but with a lot of liquid Tylenol I survived. My doctor recommended not using my Tylenol with Codeine pills until they were NECESSARY. The pain was always worse when I woke up. Sleep sitting up and make sure you breathe through your nose. I was unlucky enough to have stitches on my left side (uncommon) so when I spoke and drank it hit the stitches. Most people don't get them. Don't have any ice cream or milk. Dairy products make mucus that you can't spit and you're not allowed to clear your throat or cough. You'll be really hungry but I couldn't eat, so I had a lot of Carnation breakfast shakes, Slurpees, Popsicles, etc. Drink a ton of water or Gatorade especially. You'll bleed if you dehydrate.

Day 6- 7 Post Opp. : Pain = 8-10. The pain is the worst. My stitches began dissolving so it wasn't so bad there but I commenced eating more hard foods, breaded fish, mac and cheese, bread, etc. The scab loosened around this time, which made swallowing agonizing. Eating will help coax the scab off. I began spitting up green. It turned green to a more yellow colour, don't worry about it, it's a good sign. I began having a very itchy throat, which I believe is caused from the stitches dissolving. It was terribly annoying and practically vomit-inducing because you want to so bad and you can't. I chewed ice chips and ate Popsicles when it happened, you get through it but it sucks. I also ate a lot of baby Arrowroot cookies by Mr. Christie. They're yummy! Oh, and rice!

Day 9- 10 Post Opp. : Pain = 2-4. Dramatic difference, to be honest, though I got cold sensitive around this time. I couldn't have anything cold. My water was room temperature and I drank a lot of tea and had a lot of soup. I could eat hot dogs and chips and stuff, getting more normal. My scab had yet to come off.

That's as far as I am.

Basically, that's what there is. I also got adenoid tissue removed, and if you got that too, I bet you, like me, am having less sinus issues. I've been breathing much better!

Anyways, as far as I can tell, your voice should get to normal within the second or third week and you can eat more normal around day 10-14.

Sorry, I'm busy watching old school Eddie Murphy stand up, I'm distracted, it's hilarious! <3 (and yes, I'm only 15 turning 16 in 5 days, what can I say, I dig the oldies ! ;D)

Hope you feel well sooonn! :-)