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After years of getting strep throat, and since my throat has been in pain for the past 9 months, I finally scheduled to have my tonsils out yesterday. Even though this seems to be a common surgical procedure for children, I was terrified as an adult for everything that I have heard. I've NEVER had any kind of surgery, anesthesia, or major health problems in my life.

Yesterday I went into the surgery center at my local hospital at 7am and was discharged by 12:50. Everything went well and looked great, and my doctor told my mother that my tonsils were ridiculously large! After coming out of anesthesia, I was surprised that I could even talk. I felt a little nauseous but that went away. I was able to drink two cups of water and received 2 IV's worth of fluids. Once I got home, things got worse.

I drank lots of fluids yesterday and ate tons of popsicles. I'm following the doctor's orders by avoiding acidic and spicy foods. I've been advised that swallowing, although is the most painful experience I've ever had, will help in the long-run for the healing process.

I was prescribed liquid vicoden/tylenol which doesn't feel like it's working at all. I've never had pain meds before so I wonder if they're not working. Needless to say I didn't sleep a wink last night, I just lay around and every ten minutes a painful swallowing jolts me out of bed. But water water water! I finally managed to sleep from 6am-9am.

Hot showers definitely work wonders. Immediately for 1 hour after my hot shower I feel almost normal, just some throat pain.

Today is Day 2. Lots of fluids. I managed some cold grape juice, popsicles, and even a few periogies (mashed) - hey I can't rid of the Polish part of me :) I keep trying to sleep but it just doesn't happen.

The back of my throat is looking better, healing with everything turning white. I'm taking it easy in hopes that it will heal faster. From other posts I've read, I'm dreading the scabs falling off. And, apparently things may start to get worse soon. But I'm looking on the bright side :)

I'm wondering if it is OK to use other throat pain relievers- such as cough drops, "magic mouthwash" (lidocaine), etc etc. Anybody have any tips for how to just rid of some of the pain? The bad part is I feel completely functional - my head and body do not hurt - I just feel annoyed by having the worst throat pain ever. I know I *COULD* work from home, but in the end I know rest and time off from work is the best thing for me.

I'm thinking of taking something to help me sleep tonight, any ideas? Melatonin, etc.

My mother is staying with me which is a big help - the first few days scare me. However, I am completely unable to talk yet she continues to ask me questions!! I've been using a little whiteboard an dry erase marker to get my points across...

Not sure if anyone will even read this - but it sure feels good to let it out! Let me know if you're going thru this too, have any comments, suggestions, questions, etc.



Hi Greg,

I'm glad things went well on your surgery.

Time is really the best medicine here.  Keep hydrated, maybe sip some ice chips or even some Jello could help.  Yes to the showers, the moisture is good for the throat.

Always have water handy.

Vicodin may make you anxious so you don't sleep well.  If you can, I'd probably just take the Tylenol.

Once the scabs fall off you should improve rapidly.  Hang in there and keep us posted.

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice! At first I thought I was crazy that pain meds WOULDN'T make me sleepy - but you're right that they're making me anxious! I'm going to switch to extra strength tylenol for a dose or two and see how that works.