I'm on day 5 of my tonsillectomy. my doctor said my case was different from the others because i had extremely enlarged tonsils and i constantly had strep and tonsilitis. when she removed them she said they were filled with puss and sulfur stones. afterward i didn't have much pain that night but i couldn't talk. i take tylonol 3 with codine instead of loratab cuz I'm allergic. i also take promythazine vc for nauseaand to help me sleep and i also take antibiotics. On day 2-3, i was in lots of pain so i drank lots of water and ate bomb pops and vanilla ice cream to help soothe the pain and help with swelling and i also stayed on top of my medication, if you don't the pain will be twice as bad, also when you sleep try waking up every couple of hours and drink water. trust me this will help you from any pain cuz you will get cotton mouth. and i noticed on my 3rd day some of the pain wouldn't go away with meds and i had body aches like if you would with the flu. i went to the er and they gave me a booster shot of antibiotics and said to keep doing what I'm doing. i also had stitches right after some of mine did pop but its normal, they will dissolve eventually. Also my tongue is numb and very sore. if i brush it more the soreness goes away. also if you have a yeast infection in your mouth try going to walmart and go to the Mexican section and get gingo violet and dye your tongue with it...i know it sounds gross but it works. also take a Luke warm shower, it will help. eat cold things and ice packs on your neck help too i know I'm on my 4th day but these tips help. so remember these following things and you will have a not so painful and fast recovery: 1) lots of water even if it hurts. 2) gingo violet for infections 3) ice packs for pain 4) popsicles and cold things for pain and swelling 5) luke warm showers 6) brush your tongue 7) take medication regularly 8) don't hesitate to call your doctor if you have and questions or problems. Also try going to your local Smoothie Factory and try their meal in a cup, its not nasty its fruity but has lots of nutrients. if you try these things it help and if you can't get the smoothies try mash potatoes. I prefer only when medicated cuz it will be less painful. As for the numbness it will eventually go away. just follow these tips and listen to the doctor and you will have a great fast recovery.