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im 13(8th grade)
and i think im the only girl who doesnt wear a bra...
like i wear the tanks from justice just so they cover my nipples..
and today i went shopping and my mom got me some bras ( 32a ) because double AA was kinda small on me...

and i just got back home and put the bra underneath my clothes and it now looks like i stuffed my bra!! (its slightly padded)
i dont want people to think its fake..
should i just go to school and not care what people think or should i just not wear it?

but now it looks like i stuff my bra!
on friday i went home totally flat
and i go back to school on tuesday with actual boobs!
HELP! i dont want people thinking im a s*** and trying to draw attention to guys! even though thats the opposite of what i am..
im a friggen goody goody and i act innocent all the time (which is what i am)


You must be the person that you are. Do what you beleive in. If you are uncomfortable with the slight padding of the bra, slowly work up to wearing it to school. (if you want to)
Kids notice everything. If something looks out of place, they know it.

Maybe you can start out by wearing it under a larger top, or under a T shirt. Gradually work you way up to a tighter, more figure forming top. The kids will just think that you are growing.

The nice thing as far as school is concerned, summer is here, that means no school. No one will see you as you secretly develpe.
By the time the next school year starts, you'll have boobs!!

But ya know, your only 13. Maybe by next school year, you'll have your own real ones. You have a lot of time to grow hon, don't worry so much.

You are not a s***, and it's okay to be a goodie goodie. The guys will notice you, whether you are big busted or not. Just be yourself.


Well young Lady
I think it is a bad idea to stuff your self, you are not a thanksgiving turkey-- LOL ROTF It is ok to have small breasts at any age, as every one is differant and that make the world perfect. You have the time to grow, and if it is two or so more years, that is ok, you may not really wish for too big of breasts, they are haarder to take care of, as to must have the proper support all the time, the rude comments that your may recieve, the bouncing and pain from that, so relax, enjoy your body to the fullest now, and they will grow to what they are supose to be. Now a idea for later -- like 15 or so, the birth control pill are hormones that will make them grow, & also help with your periods, to be on time and not be so heavy, (if they become that way), along with personal responsible --So enjoy your summer as a young lady, not as a stuffer, that is a bad rap to have at school, it last the rest of your high school years.
and think you can buy the less expencive bras to wear AND HAVE MORE MONEY FOR THE FUN THINGS


Have you heard about - - it's a website for girls to discuss bra stuffing and more. I think they have stories on other people's stuffing and a message board too. It's fairly new, but I've posted there a few times.