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So I'm about 5' 9", and around 150 lbs. I do a small workout now, but I want to get a bench and some weights. I wa wondering if just doing some curls would increase my arm size? I did curls with a good amout of weight in HS but arms didn't seem to get bigger that much bigger. I was thinking about taking muscle milk but the thing is that I don't want to take that much protein with only doing a small workout. I plan on just buying a weight set with 115 lbs, I don't want to outgrow it and still take muscle milk and gain weight. Is there abothe supplement that is less and would be a good fit for me? Or would I be fine taking MM and just stopping whenever I'm ready? I also plan on using Lipo 6x. Any advice would be great.


There is not really any need for a supplement besides perhaps protein; you are trying to gain size so you will also need to gain some weight. With the right diet your body will build muscle. Doing exercises such as curls, overhead press, dead lift, push ups, skull crushers, and any other dumbbell exercises along with the right diet and consistency and you will be on your way to larger toned arms. Try to lift heavier weights for less reps to help maximize size.

Hope this was helpful.