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Good day,

I have some issues. My neighbor’s daughter, Emily , 15 years now. Her mom is overweight, and I believe it is totally genetically. Yesterday, my neighbor was on the coffee with me and she told me that Emily wants to start using Estrin D, because she wants to lose her weight. She wants to use Estrin D, because her mother was using it and she has heard her how cool those pills are.

Now, I am not sure what to tell her because she wants my advice :)

I was hoping that you can tell me when can a teenager expect to see weight loss on Estrin D?

Tell me what you know.

Tnx a lot!



I am not sure what can I say about this. I am sure that she can see her weight loss soon, but I am not for that – that teenagers use some diet pills. Sometimes I am against them as well, but I have to use them because I am getting older and my metabolism is slower than ever, so those pills can help me lose unwanted weight.

I can tell you that I am totally against it, because I think that she can try some other way, such is some healthy diet program.

She is still too young to experiment with diet pills.

Enjoy your day! 



Hey there,

I don’t agree with you! I am 14 year old year girl and I bought those pills with my mother. I am overweight, I am tired of that! Nobody is not saying anything bad about me, but I just hate it. I was talking with my mother and she told me that I can try those pills. She started to cook healthy food and I started to run three times a week.

I am totally happy because I lost nearly 10 kilograms in two months, and that is just enough and fine for me.

If she wants to use those pills, she can.

Maybe I am young, but I am telling you my experience.