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Hey, how are you?

I am really interested in Herbal magic weight loss program. It seems pretty easy and cool for me, but I don’t know that much about it. I was listening to some show on the radio yesterday, and they were talking about Herbal magic diet program. Some people were saying nice things, but one lady was saying how this diet program is just another big scam, and that you will just waste your money on it.

Is this true?

I was wondering, do you have any experience with it?

Is Herbal magic another weight loss scam?

I hope it is not :/

What do you know? 


Hello everyone.

I believe that this diet program is really hard to follow, because you have to visit their centers, which you can find only in Canada. Good luck, if this is your choice.

Now, about your question – no, this is not a scam, at all. You just need to read all those comments and experiences, which are very positive, and you will see what am I talking about. You will not lose your money, but it is expensive as well. Personally, I believe that this diet program is a little bit hard to follow, but if you have any chance for it, good luck!



Hi darling,

Can you tell me why you think that this program is hard to follow? Is it that much expensive? To be honest, I am not ready to give my money for some diet program that is not that good, I would like to follow some that is healthy and helpful, because I gained three kilograms in the last month. It is really hard for me, I feel awful.

So, please let me know why this diet program is hard to follow? I really need some tips and advice about this, as soon as possible.

Please, let me know other opinions. 



Hi everyone,

I have to say that I don’t agree with you, at all! I was following Herbal magic diet program. Maybe it is a little bit expensive, but not that much! It is something that you can follow. The most important thing is that this diet program is not that hard to follow – at all! I am not disciplined, but I was following it for five months, until I needed to go to the spin surgery. I stopped than, but in those five months, I’ve lost almost 25 kilograms. It is not a scam, it is not hard to follow. Don’t say something that you don’t know!




So I have two different stories. My sister hates this diet program, because she told me that this one costs her above 850 dollars. For two months! She told me that this diet program is insane, and she told me that this diet program is a scam. Other side is my friend Larrisa. She tried this a few years ago, and she lost a lot of weight. Besides, she told me that she was feeling full, healthy and great, because this program was very strict and she loves this way. But, of course, you need money to join this diet program.

So, decision is yours :D