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I once had a conversation with a friend who was having trouble with his cardio workouts. I remember him saying, "I hate it and I can't seem to find anything that doesn't suck." He liked lifting weights, so that wasn't a problem, but he knew he needed to at least do some cardio to lose weight and keep his endurance up.

Most of us have a favorite kind of workout. Some of us like cardio more than strength training and others, like my friend, aren't crazy about cardio.

Finding out what you like is tough. As a kid, you have options for playing sports or, really, just playing - riding your bike, chasing your friends or wrestling on the living room floor. As an adult, we often don't have the time to just play around until we find something we like. That leaves many of us at the gym, looking at these machines and wondering if that's all there is.

I'm curious about your cardio. What do you enjoy and how did you figure it out? Do you have a favorite exercise that seems to work for you?


I've found that natural activites, at a faster pace, are great. This might be, doing a couple of brisk laps at the mall. People do this in the mornings before the mall stores open. If a person has time to go to the gym, they have time for a brisk walk; or running with their dog; or bicycle riding. Regular, life-long activities can be as beneficial as the "hated," vigorous workout sessions. I hate them too. Try to incorporate your activities into your daily routine. Let us know what you find that's fun.