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Physical activity is must  important  weight loss, but going to the gym or running or swimming is not the only way to be active. set  our physical activity goal at around 1hour a day.  slow increase helps you avoid injuries that can result if we begin with an exercise that is too intense. alternative activities such as include taking a dance class, volunteering to walk dogs for a rescue group or joining a team sport.


hey braun, that is so true, from my experience that's number one reason why people quit exercising really fast, right after starting, simply they don't find it enjoyable, they get bored than frustrated and then just quit. Advice for them is to find some activity which doesn't have to be running or going to gym, rather something which makes you happy, and isn't too tiresome, this would help your health and fitness considerable and you wouldn't quit that fast. Anyway my 2 cents on this topic.