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I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 just about 6 months ago. I've been counting carbs and trying to stick to a strict diet. My numbers really haven't come down much. I had an A1c of 10 and I'm taking 500 mg of Metformin two times a day. When I was diagnosed my numbers ran between 220 and 260. Well 6 months later my morning readings run between 195 and 210. This is less but not so much. I had expected my levels to drop faster. I'm thinking my levels should be dropping faster. How is this affecting me. If you had a similar experience, please share it with me. Any pointers for getting to those lower levels would be appreciated. Oh, and how long did it take you to get to reasonable numbers?



Hi, I've diabetes type 2 for 7 years now and I still have problems managing my blood glucose levels. Nevertheless, in the beginning I had trouble getting my insulin levels right. How long it takes to get your insulin levels right depends primarily on two things. Your doctor and you. First off, your doctor needs to get your prescription dosage correct and that may take time. They usually start with a lower dose and see how that works. So you're going to need adjustments from your doctor. I had a friend that started on 500mg Metformin two times a day and that eventually had to be increased to 1000 mg daily. So, your doctor has to figure out initially were you should be. Secondarily, your current eating habits have to change so your initial diagnoses is a place to start. But, as you control your diet, the amount of insulin should come down, however your initial blood sugar levels are very high. So, in general for some individuals your doctor will have to raise insulin levels and then lower them later. All of this takes time to sort out. Remember, exercise and diet has a lot to do with this. With a little due diligence you should be able to stabilize within a month or so. You still have some problems but hey you're getting the hang of it. Many people still have problems at six months. If you think you're levels should drop faster, contact your diabetes manager or doctor and have a talk. They can help pin point where the problem is. So, if they need to increase your insulin dose, they will. Overly, I would say you're not doing badly. But I think you need to watch your diet better and make sure you exercise and I think you'll find your levels will come down faster. Best of luck to you!