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Hello All, For some reason I keep forgetting to do BT-insulin. I'm wondering if this is all that important if I do forget. Should I go ahead and take it late or should I wait until the next day to do it. I take my basal once a day before bedtime. It seems to me I would be okay since I'm sleeping and nothing much is going on at that time. I guess I should constantly remind myself to do this but some how I get busy before I go to bed and get side tracked. Anyone have some suggestions about this. Thanks.


Hello, Oh my goodness! Forgetting your BT-insulin is a no no. Your BT is important for times when you're not eating. That is particularly the case when your sleeping. During your sleep you are fasting and need your BT. When you don't take your basal insulin that sets you up for hypers in the morning. Remember your liver releases glucose in the wee hours of the morning so that you can run your cellular metabolism. You won't be able to make use of the glucose since you didn't take your basal. That glucose will remain in your blood. This has serious consequences if this goes on for some length of time. You should be keeping a record of your insulin. The only thing I can suggest is that you keep your log by your bed at night to remind yourself to take it. I don't know but maybe for you it would be better if you took your basal in the morning. Maybe you would remember to do that. On the other hand maybe you could set your alarm clock for you evening dose. A lot of alarm clocks have several time sets that would allow you to do this.