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I'm really worried because I haven't started my period yet. I'm 15, have A cup size boobs, armpit hair, the lot and I'm 5ft 4 and I'm 8 stone. All my friends have started their periods I think. Why haven't I? I'm really worried. My mum says she started when she was quite young about 12 I think, I'm not sure because I don't comfortable talking about it with her. It made me even more worried that she was so much younger than i am. Is this normal?
Please help!
Thank you.


are you getting any vaginal discharge yet?
periods usually follow a year later.

The menstrual cycle begins during puberty, usually about two years after breast budding, starting with first ovulation (which is pretty undetectable) and then showing itself with the first period, called menarche. Most young women now begin to menstruate between the ages of 9 and 16. If a young woman is seriously underweight, malnourished, excessively dieting, overexercising or has an eating disorder, that may delay menstruation because a certain amount of body fat is needed for menses to occur.

Like with the penis and testicles for boys, the vulva grows larger and will start to look more pronounced than it did in childhood. The color of parts of the vulva often changes or becomes darker, and our inner labia become more obvious, both due to growth and because the other genital changes alter the way the mons sits atop the vulva.

For teens who either start developing far earlier or later than most of their peers there are special and often increased stresses. Late bloomers may feel like children -- or be treated like them -- compared to their friends or siblings.