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I'm 15 and on my penis' foreskin, there are about 30 white bumps. They do not cause pain, irritation, itchyness or anything. Their size is not exactly the same but slightly different. I never had sex so I'm sure it's not STD. They do not look like genital warts either. It's not smegma since it can't be washed off. I'm sure they are not Forcdye's spot. The closest I can find is PPP but this one is exclusively on the foreskin. They can hardly be seen on normal conditions but when I pull the foreskin back or is having an erection they are very visible. I do masturbate but not really often ( 1 or twice a week ).

Do anyone know what these are? Are they harmful?


I think u sould go 2 the doctor.P.S: No offence!!!