Currently i really2 scared and confused about the father of my baby, well my last period is about last 2nd oct and i had sex with my boyfriend around 6th , 8th, 11th , 20th, 22th, 28th and all the way until now but in between those date i had some flings which worst come to worst is with my friend's husband. We were in the party and we were dancing , first its just normal dancing then involve with touching and the rest. The mistake we never use condoms. I regreted it the next day but her husband seems enjoying the moment and ask me out to appologize and he said want to explain something which end up we getting sex again (he planned it behind me). I had sex with her husband on 13th and 18th. And now 21 th november i'm exactly a month pregnant. What should i do now? I got the feeling it could be my friend's husband but if i told the truth their marriage can be misserable and i hate it if i was the reason behind this. But if i said it is my boyfriend's it might be easier but how if the baby end up ao different from him?? I was so scared. It will be ok if the baby is so much more like me, but uf the baby looks like his/her dad and the father is not my boyfriend it will be a huge damage. Anyone here has some better advise of what should i do?