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I had a baby by c section 3 months ago and my periods have not come back yet but lately I have been feeling premenstrual, exhausted, sick, dizzy and emotional. I did a pregnancy test last week as we had an accident with a condom about 2.5 to 3 weeks ago and it came back negative.

Before I tested I had a feeling I was pregnant again and the negative result came as a bit of a surprise andshock and now I am confused as to what else it could be.

Can anyone help with any suggestions?




Hi Sambo,
CONGRATS on your new little one !!! Your body is still going through changes and will continue for a while. Having a baby is a big change, and your body is adjusting, so some things that may seem "odd" (changes in feeling ill, dizzy, etc.) may very be just a part of your body trying to get back to pre pregnancy. You mentioned feeling "premenstrual"..... sweetie, this is TOTALLY normal, as your hormones are also changing back. C-section or not, being tired, dizzy and emotional is just a part of your body getting back to pre pregnancy state. Now, sometimes women get something called "post-partum depression" or the baby blues. This is also normal, again, as the hormones are changing. Keep in mind, too that you might be a little "sleep deprived" with a little one. The combination of the sleep loss, and hormone change is only naturally a posibility to cause emotional feelings.
Please be sure to contact your doctor if you are getting overly depressed, AGAIN.... this shall pass, but they have LOTS they can offer you in the way of emtional help and support. Also, please be sure to try and get with a mothers group as well. MOPS is a FABULOUS group, and it offers you a time for you to talk to other moms in the same boat and share all kinds of joys sorrows, etc, and know that they know exactly what you feel. A new mom support group is great. Be sure to let your doctor know how you are feeling though emotionally. He/she can also do a blood test if you suspect being pregant.
Listen, I went through post partum depression when I had my son (pretty bad) and I had JUST gotten married 1 year prior and moved to Japan, and my husband was deployed. I KNOW THE FEELINGS..... they are all part of your body getting back to pre preg state. But please MAKE SURE NOT TO ISLOATE yourself, and seek out the company of other mommies, TRUST ME...... they will laugh with you, share your tears and worries, and it is a time for you have fellowship with other moms.
Please also be sure to post me whenever you would like, I am here, if you need to vent. Any questions further, I would love to help if I can. Hugs and a shoulder for you.