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Feel like a stranger has taken over your body? Many women can't wait to get their sexy bodies back after giving birth. Here is all you'll need to know about working out after the baby's out!

If you can't wait to get your body back after pushing out a little miracle, exercise is the healthiest, most effective long-term solution. You'll start to feel like your old self again once your toes come back into view and you can get around more easily!

Working out is more than just pumping out an exercise routine.

Its also about boosting your confidence, improving your energy stores, and- can you believe it- socializing! Working out should be a fun time for you to focus on yourself for just one hour each day. You'll need it now that your focus is on taking care of someone else 24/7.

Back to basics

Sometimes, the hardest part is just making it to the class, gym, or those first few seconds jogging. Take yourself back to basics and first worry about when you'll exercise. Be sure that someone is available to look after the little one while you're out. Once a time space has been cleared, you've made it past one of the biggest hurdles- committing your time! With a sitter in place, you'll have no choice but to go out there and get your fitness on.

Getting your gear on

If you can't find the motivation to make space to exercise, you may need to dig deep into your need to feel sexy and smart. Studies have shown that getting a great new fitness wear outfit is reason enough to workout. Go ahead and treat yourself with a sexy workout outfit and make this your first step. Try on your fitness wear at home and then leave it somewhere in plain sight. If you really like it, you'll probably want to wear it again, and it only makes sense to exercise in it!

Mommy with baby options

This was a phenomenal idea started by moms themselves who were finding it hard to always look for a sitter. Look in your area for mommy and baby classes. These are baby friendly places where you can come with your baby and workout with them. They are only for moms, and they include stroller workouts, and lots of exchanging of stories.

Alternatively, there are also gyms which offer babysitters while you workout. Typically smaller studio style gyms, these classy places have equipped themselves with play safe areas for babies and small children so that they can stay active and have fun while you workout. You can come and leave with your baby, and never have to worry about finding a sitter.

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